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Aberdeen &
Grampian Highlands

Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay...

Royal Troon, Turnberry, Prestwick...

Northern Highlands
Royal Dornoch, Castle Stuart, Brora, Nairn...

Just east of Edinburgh
Scotland's Golf Coast
North Berwick, Muirfield, Gullane...

South West Scotland
Portpatrick, Stranraer...

St. Andrews area

Out of the way, but worth a play
Machrihanish, Pitlochry, ,....

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Links Lite
Great Scottish links golf for high handicappers !!!

Scotland, home of golf, offers great links courses for every level of golfing skill.

Your website is so inviting. I have not found another site that caters for the single golfer with such detail on the courses as well as the towns and places to stay. Reading your website has given me so many ideas, plus the confidence to do it myself as a single golfer.
Damian Thomson,
Canberra, Australia

The website I used for 80 percent of the planning is Of all the independent travel sites, it was the best. It gives you everything. Since I used it last year, they've updated it twice. Really impressive.
GOLF DIGEST blog 9/2011
by Kevin Daly and his
"Dream Trip to Scotland"

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For the independent golfing traveler in Scotland --
Golf course reviews and information

Where to Play - Where to Stay -
What to Do All Day

Would you like to golf in Scotland and make your own decisions on where to stay and what courses to play. Does it appeal to you to travel independently if you could be sure how to go about it? Do you want to feel the freedom of being on your own to play and stay where you wish, yet feel secure and comfortable? Or maybe you're traveling with someone who doesn't golf but who appreciates the local scenes, the history, the people, the culture? If you answered "yes" to any of the above, we believe you will enjoy and benefit from Golf Nook Scotland.

Create your own do-it-yourself golf vacation in Scotland, home of golf.

Classic links golf - North Berwick West Links

Major advantages of independent golf travel in Scotland.

1. You save lots of money because your only costs are those you, yourself, spend for setting up your trip.
2. You design your own itinerary and play all the great courses PLUS the hidden Scottish golf treasures the locals cherish, visiting pros venerate, and commercial golf tours overlook.
3. You go at your own pace, not tied to someone else's itinerary.

Benefit from our 19 years of golfing and non-golfing experience in Scotland
Mary-Alice & Richard
at Royal Dornoch GC
Our website provides free information on how to plan your own independent golfing holiday in Scotland.
You can rely on our recommendations for where to play because we've played there.
Rely on our suggestions for where to stay -- we've been there.
You can trust our ideas because we accept no payment for endorsing the places and services we recommend.

Our website will help you create your own golf trip and ... to do it your way. .
Richard, a mid-handicapper, loves the game of golf. Mary-Alice, not a golfer, loves the land, the castles, the people, the things to see and do in Scotland. Both of us love the lore and aesthetics of the great courses -- their history and tradition, the great players, the skill involved, the game itself with all its frustrations and rewards. We admire those respectfully silent at golf tournaments while someone else yells "GET IN THE HOLE". We appreciate the golfers who replace their divots, repair their own ball marks and look for others to repair. We're grateful for the one in the foursome who suggests letting the group behind play through.

If you are committed to independent golf travel, blending in with and savouring the local scene, you can benefit greatly from our golfing/non-golfing experience. And, remember...

Independent golfing travel saves you lots of money.
Scottish links golf courses grow out of the land. To appreciate and fully enjoy them, it helps to know something of the history and the culture out of which they were born.

The little things are what define a place--the small details that most golfing travelers in Scotland (especially those in golf tour groups) never have the time or opportunity to enjoy. But you will, because as an independent golfing traveler your goal is not to play and bolt (or should we say hit and run?) these great Scottish links courses, but to experience the richness and unexpected delights of Scotland.

Click here for detailed DIY information on independent golfing in Scotland, and read about --
  • Why independent golfing in Scotland is a huge advantage
  • Golfing with a local
  • Specific example of independent golfing in Scotland
  • Why a DIY golfing trip in Scotland is highly do-able
  • Getting started
  • What you can expect from Golf Nook Scotland
  • Recommendable alternative to independent golf travel, if needed. See Detailed information.
If you are considering an independent golf vacation in Scotland, Golf Nook Scotland provides solid information you can rely on when planning your trip. It's easier than you might expect. You will have lasting memories of these spectacular links golf courses and of the culture and beauty of Scotland. And like so many, you may want to return again.
For iexample, read the letter below from an independent golfer.

Read more about independent golfing in Scotland
Detailed DIY info

Haste Ye Back
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Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

... by far the best vacation of my life
I’ve recently returned from a two week golf vacation in Scotland and your website was a wonderful help in my planning.
Your enthusiasm for the enjoyment of golf helped to persuade me that I could do it alone at the age of 66. I drove 1500 miles ... From my first day at The New Course to my last weekend at Anstruther and Crail, this was by far the best vacation of my life, and cost me only $2650 including airfare from North Carolina....
Many, many thanks for ‘putting’ your site on the web. I played only 18 holes per day and used your sightseeing tips for the other part of each day. That’s one of the unique things that makes your site especially fun and valuable.
Your website is as enjoyable after my trip as it was helpful in planning before I left.

Bob Montle
Clemmons, North Carolina USA