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Lundin Golf Club

A final qualifying course for the Open Championship, Lundin Golf Club is in the town of Lundin Links. And yes, it's pronounced "London," just like the capital of England. But this is in Scotland. Confused? Well, the course might confuse you a bit too because it's a combination of a pure seaside links course and a pure parkland course. Strange but true, and it sure makes for a fun day of golf.

Lundin Golf Club--links plus parkland
This unusual golf course is both a parkland and seaside links layout. It's great fun to play and is kept in excellent shape. Don't miss it.

Lundin golf course is a favorite of independent golf travelers and golf pros

Originally designed by one of Scotland's most famous architects, Tom Morris, and updated by the great James Braid, Lundin is a challenging course and certainly one of the most unusual ones I've played. In fact, it's a true little gem and a well-kept secret--outside of Scotland, that is. It's well regarded in Scotland and is annually voted one of the best of British courses. Add to that the fact that it is one of the friendliest places to play golf and you can have yourself quite a pleasant day. But don't rely on a golf travel company to book you here. There are too many "famous" golf courses to book people on and so this fabulous Scottish links/parkland golf course goes unnoticed by them. Too bad, really, because it's one of the favorites of the independent golf traveler.

An Open Championship qualifying course

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the governing body of golf in Great Britain, thinks so highly of Lundin Golf Club that it uses this golf course as a final qualifying course for the Open Championship. Many a professional's heart has been broken by this deceptively difficult 6,138 yard-from the visitor's tees (6,371 from the medal tees) par 71 layout while trying to qualify for the "Big Show." Brad Faxton qualified here and says it's a golf course he will always remember fondly. Faxton, of course, is not a long hitter. His forte is his short game. And that's what you need on this golf course. You won't overpower it so don't let the relatively short 6.138 yards fool you.

Lundin #1
The opening hole from the 1st tee. It may look easy but note that the beach is down on your left and the fairway slopes to the right feeding any errant shots into three very hungry bunkers.

The first hole looks friendly enough but watch out, it can pick your pocket and you don't want to start your round with a bogey--or worse! You tee off in front of the pro shop with the ocean on your left and bunkers on your right. Because of the water on the left you may be tempted to favor the right side of the fairway, but make a note to yourself that the fairway slopes right so any ball too far right can roll right into the bunkers. Typical of this course is the choice you face on this first hole. This is rated as the 5th toughest hole, but considering that the prevailing wind will be in your face and your second shot is uphill to a green that doesn't have a flat spot on it, you'll have your hands full making par.

The second hole will let you catch your breath with an elevated tee and only 346 yards to navigate. But be prepared for the 4th--it's mean. From the visitor's tees it's a 415 yard par 4 with a stroke index of 3, I thought it was the toughest hole on the course. I'm straight enough but I'm not exactly the longest hitter in the world, and you need to be straight and long to have any kind of a birdie chance on this hole. And since there is a creek about 50 yards from the green, you need a long and accurate second shot to get onto the green or you'll have to lay up. If the wind is in your face, it's usually better to lay up and pitch over the creek. If you par this hole, take your ball and run to the next hole. Like the 1st, the prevailing wind will be in your face on this 4th, so the 415 yards can easily become 450 yards.

The 9th is the number 1 stroke index and is called "Long"--and it is. At 546 yards you'd better pray that the wind is at your back because you have a long way to go. The 13th is also long and is another of my favorites. It's a beautifully designed hole with a slight dogleg that you must reach on your approach so you can fire to the green through a narrow entrance lined with firs.

Lundin--11th tee and the 10th green
Here's something that's true for many Scottish links coures. Note in the picture above that the 10th green and 11th tee are side-by-side. When teeing off next to a green, don't disturb anyone who may be putting. Make sure they are finished before teeing off.

You'll like the 14th. Some traditionalists claim it was James Braid himself who named it "Perfection." It's 175 yards from a highly elevated tee with a great view of the golf course, the Firth of Forth, the green and the Leven Golf Club to your right (the golf clubs are side-by-side separated by a small fence--see separate write-up for Leven Golf Club). Take at least one club less than you think you need.

Lundin--the 14th
The actual view is much more spectacular than this photo is able to convey. The land across the water is Scotland's Golf Coast. (Shown below is a rendering of this hole taken from the 3D Virtual Course Guide book.)

Lundin 14. as shown in yardage book

Lundin's #14 in their excellent "3D Virtual Course Guide" by Eagle Productions, UK. By the way, get a load of the 5--count 'em--bunkers round the green.

Lundin 18th green
The 18th is a nice finishing hole. The unique feature is the long green. Depending on where the flag is you can club up or down at least 3 clubs on your approach.

What I like most about Lundin golf course (other than the exceptional friendliness of the staff and members) is the fact that it has both links golf course and parkland golf course feel. It's rather unique in this sense. Just when you get into a links mode it turns parkland. Then, after playing in a parkland style, the finishing holes play more like links golf. It's really quite a treat and one I highly recommend.

Lundin #8 green
Fully one-half the holes favor this more parkland style layout. Note even the vegetation is different from "down below." It makes for quite an interesting day of golf.

Llundin #12--the parkland  section of this wonderful golf course
The beautiful and challenging par 3, 12th hole gives you an idea of the parkland feel on this unusual golf course.

One of the pros at another golf club in the area (who shall remain nameless!) told me Lundin Golf Club was his favorite golf course in the entire area. Quite a compliment from a man who can play any golf course at any time free of charge. If you get a chance, be sure to play this golf course. And when you do, try to commiserate with the poor touring pro who is trying to play his way into the Open Championship. You'll get the feel of what a really challenging layout this is. I encourage you to play this course.
About 10 miles south of St. Andrews off of the A915 on the west side of the town of Lundin Links.

Golf Nook Scotland rating -- EAGLE

*For What to Do All Day, please see Leven and also the St.Andrews area.